Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worhip service like?

Our worship service is both simple and strategic. We sing together songs that will glorify God. We have different instrumentation as well as sing old and new songs. Our church loves to sing! Our preaching is expositional. By that we mean that we seek to expose the text and get to the meaning that God had in mind when He inspired men of old to write it for us. We seek to sing, pray, preach, read, and observe the Word of God through the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


What should I wear?

We believe the one thing the Bible talks about when it comes to clothing is modesty. When you come and worship with us, you will see some in suits and ties, and others in shorts and flip flops! That is not our focus. We are here to exalt Jesus.


Is Nursery Available?

We do provide nursery for our children through Pre-K. We have all of our workers go through training and background checks to make sure our kids are cared for well!


What is there for my children?

We provide nursery during Sunday School as well as our morning worship time. This is available for kids from birth through Pre-K. We have Redeemer Kids for our elementary children during the Sunday School hour, 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings. We also provide a children’s worship bulletin during the 11:00 worship service. The hope is that they will hear key words we preach and sing, as well as learn by watching their parents and the church engage in worship.


How Do i become a member?

We take our membership seriously. The elders want to seek to shepherd the flock well, so we do have a process. The first step would be to go to our Discover Redeemer Class. These are offered periodically throughout the year. It is a 3.5 hour class on a Saturday morning that gives the history of the church, our beliefs, as well as our mission to make disciples who make disciples. Next we have a membership interview. The goal here is to get to hear your testimony and how you came to know Christ. The elder meeting with you will also share his. We want the process to be meaningful while also building up a healthy relationship. The final step is for the church to vote. And we are always happy to welcome new members to our faith family!


Are we affiliated with a denomination?

Yes, we are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. You can find out what we believe here.